We provide management with the necessary tools to evaluate the need for Directors' & Officers' Liability insurance, Crime insurance and similar financial lines, such as Securities Offering Liability insurance.

The common denominator for these types of insurance policies is pure financial loss, sustained ny the third party or the insured. The Directors' & Officers' Liability insurance provides coverage for third party losses, typically resulting from mismanagement. Crime insurance provides cover for losses sustained by the insured as a consequence of certain criminal acts committed by employees or third parties. The Securities Offering Liability insurance provides cover for losses sustained by third parties resulting from acts or omissions by company or manament, when offering company securities, often referred to as prospectus liability.

Today, most Insurers offer Directors' & Officers' and Crime insurance, and premiums have generally gone down. Wordings and conditions are not that different, but important industry specific extensions can be necessary. We provide insights to the market and know how to obtain the right cover for each particular insured.

Employment Practice Liability (EPL) is an area with increasing focus, also for clients with activities in Northern Europe only. In countries like USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands, EPL is one of management's daily concerns, as numerous companies have experienced EPL claims resulting from alledged discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment etc. We can assist in identifying, mitigating and insuring this exposure.